Manage and analyze your content anytime, anywhere!

Our Media Content Management System (MCMS) is a content management solution for music distributors and music labels who want to benefit from a user-friendly backend and direct access to the tools needed for their daily work. Not only does it support your work, it also makes it easier with sophisticated statistics, sales overviews, download and streaming developments. The Media Content Management System also includes a cloud service for all content, including the easy and secure creation of download links to provide data or files.

Tedious and complicated billing is a thing of the past with the Media Content Management System!

On your personal dashboard you will not only find an overview of your data but also various sales charts and current chart positions in the various portals.

In “Content,” you can easily browse through your catalog and find detailed information about your publications. In addition, you can send or download any track or even the entire version with one click.

In Analytics, your detailed sales analysis, charts, and daily sales (trends) are readily available.

One of the most important and powerful features of the Media Content Management System is the so-called Producer, a content delivery and management tool that provides many new and useful features such as bulk import, compilation via drag and drop, pre-selection of channels and stores , offering improved price codes, additional text fields, and more.

Additional extensions, especially for classical music and films, are currently in the development phase.

Under “Statements” you can check and download your monthly statements in PDF or Excel format. In addition, you will receive a detailed graphical overview of your sales and streams.

The Admin section lets you manage subaccounts for your (sub) labels and label logos.

  • Producer
  • Catalog
  • Distribution
  • Documentarchive
  • Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Importer
  • Exporter

Alex Bohlen, ROBA Music:

Great so see that digitational always reacts on industry-changes very fast!
With digitational’s solutions we can scale our business very easily and give our partners a rock-solid home for their content.
Professional content-management-tools done right!


Nate Mills, DUBSET:

Content management has just informed me that your delivery format
looks correct and that your XML passed validation.
Nice job getting it right on the first try 🙂